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      Wynne Echols

      Fellows, we are approx. three weeks from the next scheduled match and I must say that there is a lot going on in our world. Without getting too worked up over things, do any of you have an opinion about wither or not we should have a shoot in April. I ask that each of you please respect each person’s opinion wither or not you agree. Seeking popular opinion. Let’s do it this way. Just state wither or not you would attend a match if it were held on April 18, 2020. WWE

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      brett collins

      YES! with a elbow bump

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      Steve Gilley


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      Jessie Smith

      Yes I think we should

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      Richard Slaton

      If we’re are not still on lockdown I’m in

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      I’m thinking I’ll stay home. We are getting ready to move so I’ll be busy on the weekends for a while.

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      Phillip Boykin


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      mike boykin

      I will be loaded and ready. If you say it’s on I will be there.

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      Michael Claunch

      As much as I love shooting, I will not be there unless the virus abates. Shasta is at her mothers today. We have been staying at home to avoid the virus. Shasta’s mother is 89 and it could be a death sentence for her. My 89 year old mother self quarantined two weeks ago, so she should be ok. The only good thing is I have been catching up on some long delayed “projects” around the house.

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      Daryl White

      Hello All, Been missing ya’ll this year. Have been so busy since moving! Shop, tools, and reloading equipment still a mess. Placed the Nightforce, base, and a jewel trigger in a 2nd gen Rem 700 5R and haven’t had an opportunity to sight it in at 200 yards let alone streach it out to 600. Gonna be looking for some suggestions (loads) for a 1000 yards also! If I’m not mistaken this barrel has a 1 in 11 1/4 twist whereas the old barrel had a 1 in 10 twist – both have 24” barrels. Because of the Pandemic and my Unpreparedness I don’t expect to compete in April’s Match. Hope to see all of you in the future! Keep Well!!

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      Steve Gilley

      With daycare and school shut down through the end of the month I am going to be keeping my grand boys some. That being said my RN daughter is wanting me to limit my socializing some what. I am not goi g to be able to shoot this month.😩😩

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