The above good shooters won the ‘Gunny Pot’ in their respective divisions at the mid-range bench rest match held at Reese Bottom on Saturday February 20, 2021.  Top left is Jessie Smith shooting in the FTR division.  Top Right is Johnnie Jones Sr. shooting in the Open Bi Pod division.   The bottom photo is Wynne Echols shooting in the Mechanical rest division.  See the full results on the ‘Results Page’.  There were only 28 total ‘X’s shot on the day.


What a Blessed Beginning to a Day at the Range. God is Good


What a Beautiful Ending to a Day at the Range.  God is Good


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Pictured above are the four Shotmarker E-Targets at the 600 yard line at Reese Bottom


Photo from the 600 yard targets looking back toward the shooting shed


Photo from the 600 yard e-targets to the 1000 yard e-targets

The above two photos total distance is 1000 yards

IMG_3313The above photo is of the #1 Target used today at the first ever Reese Bottom Bench Rest Match using the Shotmarker E-Target System to both Score and Measure the shooter’s five shot groups.  The virtual ‘X’ is in the open space below the paper target.  Click to enlarge and see how few bullets actually hit the paper


As many of you know, I recently had the privilege of attending the 2019 Shot Show in Las Vagas.  I owe Britt Jones at Backwater Custom Rifles a big THANK YOU for his help getting me there.  While there, I had a photo op with Mrs. Dana Loesch, one of the faces of the NRA.

IMG_2758This pair have spent a lot of 3rd Saturdays together the last five years.  Congratulations to “Champion, Master Sniper, Surrell Franklin” for fives years of perfect attendance at the Reese Bottom Matches

bullet2Question?  Have you ever seen a bullet?  Look at Brett’s muzzle, you almost did

photo by Britt Jones


A view from 500 yard target back toward benches

 Photo taken by drone about 35′ above ground