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      Wynne Echols

      Just wondering if any of you good shooters might have a small 9mm auto handgun that you need to get rid of? Must be lady friendly. Would entertain other suggestions. WWE

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      Small auto 9mm handguns have stiff recoil springs and chambering a round can be a bit hard for most women. The mid size 9’s are a bit better but heavier to carry. I’m not a .380 fan but but that’s what I bought for my daughters due to them not being able to chamber the small 9’s. I know you didn’t ask for all this info but it is things to consider. I don’t know anybody that has one for sale right now but will ask around.

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      Dave Burkart


      Check out a Seecamp in either 32 cal or 380 they are tiny and DA action. They are small enough to fit in a pocket holster and you will never know yu are carrying it.


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      I carry a Kimber Solo in 9mm in a pocket holster sometimes. It is very small and easy to conceal, BUT, the recoil is stiff and it is hard to chamber a round. I really like it but normally don’t recommend it for women because of this.

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      Al Barr

      Kahr makes nice quality handguns in a variety of calibers.

      As a follow up to what Steve mentioned; a quality double action revolver can be handled by those with small hands and, for the most part, do not require the hand strength of the self loaders for loading and or emergency action drills.

      For those not quite ready to deal with the taking of a life; a child’s water pistol, filled with household ammonia, will resolve a close encounter, when squirted in the assailants face. Not a lot of lots law suits when shooting involves a water pistol.

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