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      Richard Slaton

      As we push it out to 1K I got to thinking
      Looking at my target from the 1K fun day my @ target FPS was 1163 my phone app. calculated it @ 1246 fps @1K Which both is close to dropping subsonic which got me thinking what effect that would have.
      Well from what I read the “affect” could be anything from nothing to total bullet tumble.
      All depending on things like the deg./angle of your boat tail, bullet spin among other things so in other words your “affect” maybe different than my “affect”. But here is the main affect If I understand it right Shot Marker will not capture a shot that is Subsonic. I did a generic 308 load with 200 gr. Bullet with a MV of 2500 phone app said 1247 @1k. Someone told me this 1K stuff is a whole new ballgame yep it is. I don’t think I’m the only one borderline Subsonic

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      Michael Claunch

      I think most of us shooting the 200 gr bullet load for a muzzle velocity at or above 2650.

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