What is your favorite rifle combo?

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      I think mine would be my Remington 700P 300 Winchester Magnum it is a stock rifle with a few things added.To start off I had GA Precision to install a Badger FTE Brake and A Badger Bolt Knob and then added a Manners T4A with a drop box mag.Later on I added a Jewell Trigger a Ken Farrell 20moa Base with Badger USMC 34mm Rings with a Bushnell Tactical Elite 3-21X50 Scope 34mm tube with the G2DMR Reticle.This rifle is shooting the Berger 230 OTM Hybrid Tactical bullet at 2700 FPS using Hornady Brass H1000 powder Federal Gold Medal Match Primer and the COL is at 3.600 and feeding from a single stack 10 round mag with no problems at all.Come on people tell us yours……

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