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      Ok people I am looking for the ideal trigger pull weight on a bench gun and on a tactical gun set up……Also I am looking for the best trigger money can buy I have a Jewell,Timney and Shilen but I am looking for something better are there any better??????I am also looking for a better firing pin/spring assembly to go with a Remington style bolt .

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      Tony Graham

      Jewell set at 5 oz. for your Bench rifle. Tactical, I’d say 2# for safety. I don’t believe there is a better trigger than a Jewell. Firing pin/spring, lock time will not be an issue. You will want to use a bolt set up for a firing pin diameter of .062″. You can run a high speed set up w/ a 28# spring and light weight pin but it is not necessary.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, when you get this bench gun set up, you will think you are pulling on a locked door knob when you get out your heavy artillery. My bench gun has a jewel trigger with a supposedly 2 oz. pull. Just get your cross hairs on the ‘X’ and peep around the stock, it will shoot by itself.(almost) Good luck with your project and we all look forward to meeting your new firearm. WWE

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      My bench gun trigger is a jewell set at a 3oz pull weight and I was just wondering if there was any better triggers out there.I have seen some different shooters using other triggers on the pro side of shooting……

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