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      Dan I would like to Thank You for all we done together yesterday at the match scoring and pulling targets I think we work very well together as smooth as silk.The way you called out my scores and the way you help keeping up with my rounds fired as I tried to do the same for you,the way I saw it we made a very good team.

      Maybe one day I will be shooting in the high 590’s or get lucky and shoot a 600 we will just have to see.There are so many things different shooting paper at 200 300 400 500 600 yards than just hitting a target,if you are shooting steel on the range in a tactical match a hit is a hit and a score and you are not shooting at a small center for the score.All that being said paper is a hole different animal than I am use to.

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      I agree Surrell, everything worked smooth. Thanks for all your help. And good shooting by the way.

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      Dan this is what’s it’s all about shooters working together and having a very good time and learning more about F-Class is what i’m trying to do.By the way you shot better than I did so I will say good shooting to you,we all should try to shoot better in our next match if we set a goal maybe to do this one day we all can shoot a match record at Reese Bottom that is my goal is to set that record.

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