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      Ron Lewis

      Hello everyone. Just wanted to tell all of you guys that I really enjoyed coming down last month and shooting. My schedule for the last 5 years had made it almost impossible for me to make a match.

      I was leaving out on Monday morning somewhere between 0230 and 0400 and not getting back home until 2200 on Friday nights and many times mid day on Saturday. Those 120 hours away from home just about done me in. I pretty much had to spend the reminder of the weekend catching up at home and getting ready to head back out on Monday morning.

      Fortunately, I am back to a more normal routine and it looks like I’m going to get to go back to shooting. I don’t know if I can make every match like Surreal has done for the past years but, I’m making a very conscience effort to help two Jr shooters learn the Art of the Game. These two kids are very special to me and I am going to set them on the path to compete Nationally.

      I have been shooting competition now for a long time and have been going back through a lot of boxes that have been in storage for years. I just looked at the results of my first NRA 22 rimfire match that I shot 44 years ago. I’ll never forget that day, a guest of a State Trooper ( SGT Jim Collins). We shot in the 2600 classification which had the most shooters. My ole school buddy Forest Wiggins and I shot the lights out that day. Forrest won first place beating me by 3 points with a Ruger 10-22. I was shooting a Marlin 39A. Seems like yesterday. I vividly remember the match director having to call my Mother to get permission for us to shoot the match because we were under 18. The collection of 40 shooters laughed at our rifles and us kids. Meer children among all the Pro Marksman, experts and Masters.

      They were mostly shooting Rem 40x’s, Win 52’s, Some were shooting specialty built Ansultz 54’s. They surly were not laughing at the end of the day. You can’t image how proud Forrest and I were when they called us up to the scoring table and presented us with our trophies. We were the only two shooters with leaf sights and the only junior shooters, everyone else were shooting peep sights. We received a Standing ovation from that group of shooters. The QUEST BEGIN: Forrest and I ended up shooting together for all of our young adult lifes until I joined the Navy in 1982. We shot thousands of rounds of ammo completing in rifle, shotgun and pistol matches. Those were the days when we carried our guns to school.

      It’s going to be a fun year

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      Wynne Echols

      Ron, thanks for posting this. Very interesting. Sounds like you got a few years head start on me. We look forward to shooting with you this year at Reese Bottom. WWE

      Actually spoke with a Mr. Roman yesterday in the store. Please encourage him to come with you.

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