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      We are going to have one last shoot at Gabriel Creek Hunting Club on September 27th this will be for hunting rifles and match guns to shoot together with a Guaranteed pay out of $250.00 for first place,we must have 20 shooters at $25.00 per gun to meet our first place pay out with out 20 shooters the pay out will depend on number of shooters at the match.You will be able to shoot two guns $25.00 for the first and $20.00 for the second no larger than 300 Win Mag.We will pay first second and third as we did at the last match same course of fire on all steel but we may move the tie breaker to 550 yards.All this is still not a for sure if you think you may be shooting in this match please let me know so I can come up with a plan.

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      I will come and bring at least one shooter with me.

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      This I was told was the last one but there may be another a week or two before gun season comes in,I sure hope we can get the 20 or more shooters we are looking for to make the $250.00 pay out.This will be a fun shoot for all ages male and female and for someone that has never shot a match people bring as many people as you can so we can have a good day of shooting and fun.We did get our 800 yard platform set up part of the way we still have some work to do on it before we start shooting 800 Thanks to Ron Lewis,Jeff Tucker,Ronald Lewis and my self.

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      Ron Lewis

      We will be there with our good bullets 🙂

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      Ron I will be there with my Best Bullets……I am also looking for Ronald to make it to the tie breaker round that would make his day and mine to……Come on out people lets shoot and have some fun by the way a 6mm br will take out the rams at 500 yards Doug showed us that and Dan I think your 223 will take them out also again I will be setting the Rams up at this shoot we all seen when I set them up sometimes the wind will them over with that being said a good hit is all it takes……

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, Sorry, but I will not get to shoot. Being semi retired, the semi seems to always get in the way of fun things to do. The 27th falls on my one weekend a month to work. I always enjoy shooting with all of your good shooters and am sure that you all will have a fun match. As far as the 6BR’s and 223’s I would suggest that you prop the rams up from behind with a stick. Those shooters need to bring ‘big boy’ firearms. Shoot Small and Be Safe, WWE

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