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      What is the best Wood or Fiberglass for a rifle stock??????Please give some details on what you think is best.

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      My opinion is that wood is by far more beautiful & warm to the hands, but more easily damaged. Also less resistant to the affects of moisture. Composites, fiberglass, & metallic stocks are sturdy and rugged.

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      ooops… I meant to say wood is MORE susceptible to the affects of moisture

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, in today’s world of benchrest, I would think that a composite type stock would allow the shooter much more flexibility trying to get a light gun to make weight. At Reese Bottom, firearm weight is not a factor with how we separate our divisions, but if weight becomes an issue there is a set of old cotton scales up at the barn. Someone might know different, but I would also think that the shooter would have more design and color options with the new composites. This info and a penny used to would buy you a box of matches. WWE

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      Ron Lewis

      I think it depends on the intended purpose of the rifle.

      Target rifles: Fiberglass is the king of the hill right now. There’s a dozen reason why and there are a 100 different opinions about which one of those reasons is most important.

      Hunting rifles: Walk into the nearest sportings good store. All kinds of composites, wood and plastics. Choose your poison.

      Me personally: I still like wood stocks the best. I’ve carved from scratch, semi finished them from a blank and bought’em already finished. Here lately I have been buying old beat up Rem 700’s rebarreling them and installing Boyd laminate on them.

      I’ll have a old 264Win on the range on the 30th that I want you to look at. Hopefully while in the Winners Circle: 🙂

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