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      Benjamin Mitchell

      So it seems I have purchased a Remington 700 Mill spec 10th anniversary 308 rifle. I will be picking it up by the end of the week. So it seems that all of your ears may get a break soon! I wont have to bring out Big Bertha every time. Now I can shoot F-class with you all too!! Anyone have any feedback on this rifle?

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      I have one and shoot it for a while at Reese Bottom the rifle shot very well started out with the Hornady 178 HPBT and moved to Berger 175 OTM Tactical and then to a 185 Lapua mine always liked Varget powder. The 175 grain and up should shoot very well as long as your FPS is above 2600 with the Lapua small primer brass I have found the small primer brass to last longer and get more reloads from the brass. I was having problems with the primer pocket becoming very loose with the large rifle primer that is if you run hot loads.

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      Al Barr

      Ben, I think Surrell is correct about the small primer .308 brass; you will be money ahead with brass costs.

      I have had good results with Sierra 168 and 175 gr SMK bullets if I sort them by base to Ogive length. The 168s work well out to 600; the 175s out to 1000.

      The Berger 168 VLD is more consistent in dimension and some say that they can be competitive to 1000 yards. I have not shot them to 1000 so cannot comment one way or the other.

      Work up your loads carefully and don’t run on the raw edge of pressure. Loads that shoot lights out in early morning cooler temps can cause hard bolt lift and clicking bolts, near mid day and long F-Class strings.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Took your advice and ordered Lapua Palma Small Primer brass this morning. Now my next question is do you run a standard small rifle primer or a small rifle magnum primer? I am going to start out loading Berger 175 grain OTM’s because they are not very picky at seating depths and they have a high enough BC to get me to longer ranges if needed.

      I guess I will use the regular ole line up of powder such as REloader 15, Varget, XBR 8208, or possibly a faster one like H335. Any thoughts?

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      Al Barr

      I use CCI 450 in all small primer cases.

      Powder can range between 4895 to 4350. I think with the factory chamber you can load longer than magazine length and get in a little more of the slower powders. I use a 10″ powder drop funnel with a slow pour when using the slower burning powders.

      I don’t weigh any component except powder charge.
      I work up loads using ONE powder and clean the barrel before trying a different powder. When I find a combo I like; then I try different seating depths.

      Do change only one thing at a time!

      Have fun.

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      Welcome to the 308 class Ben you will have fun and everybody can keep their hats on lol. I like the Varget powder, been working good for me.

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      Benjamin Mitchell

      So, just to update the sale of the remington 308 fell through. I was heading to pick up the rifle and the owner had cold feet and didn’t sell it. Oh well, it wasn’t going to stop me from shooting F-class so I got online and in 2 days I picked up a new savage f-class rifle chambered in .308 I ordered some Berger 175 OTM’s and lapua brass and headed to the range.

      Looks like I settled on 43.1 grains of Reloader 15 and a berger 175 OTM bullet. Looking forward to participating in the FTR class

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