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      At what point do you get peak pressure when firing a round also does barrel lenght give more or less?

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I enjoy responding to your questions, although I do not have very knowledgeable answers. I would think ‘peak pressure’ could be determined by observing primers and noticing bolt lift. These two should at least let you know when you are getting close. As far as barrel length, not sure, but would think it to be minimal.

      If anyone is interested in watching how a rifle barrel performs, Doug Pugh has a 31″ barrel on a bench gun and if he shoots it this weekend at Reese Bottom, I will try to remind everyone to watch. Most of you know where I observe the firing line from and two months ago as Doug was shooting I noticed for the first time ever how the barrel responds once fired. That thing whipped like a fly rod. Pretty interesting and the thing shoots ‘lights out’. Thanks, WWE

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      Would be interesting to have the video camera set up close and see if you could capture the movement during firing. Backward movement also starts from recoil before the bullet exits the barrel. With all that whip and movement it’s a wonder that we can hit anything!

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      With the tight firing pin holes on the guns that Britt builds it is hard to judge pressure by the primer crater. Tighter than normal bolt lift and extractor marks on case head are sure signs that your are getting too hot. If you are jamming the bullets into the rifling all that you may have to do to get pressure down is to seat bullet a few thousands deeper. May be able to keep same powder charge.

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      I am running a 31″ on my new 308 and after long strings of firing and all getting hot in the later rounds having some hard bolt lift not real hard but a noticeable difference.I had these problems in the last bench rest match but not in the F-Class.

      MR Wynne I have so much fun asking and getting answers to what I’m trying to learn and I hope everyone is reading all as I do and learning to.

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