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      Lets see what optic Power everyone was shooting at the 600 yard bench rest match on Saturday……I was shooting on 12 power with a ffp 1/10 milrad tactical mil-dot scope I am just trying to see how much everyone was twisting on their scopes……As far as shooting to 1000 yards I always shoot on 10 power……

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I am glad that you brought this up. This is one of the things that I forgot to check yesterday. I seem to draw a blank a lot of times during the setup period. The rifle is still here on the kitchen floor and I opened the case to see that I shot on 30 power. I have a fine crosshair and from looking at my groups and score, must be crooked. Hey, congrats on your good shooting yesterday. Shoot’um small. WWE
      ps. I will try to have everything up later tonight.

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      Surrell, I shot on 24x. That’s what I always shoot on unless mirage is real bad, then I back it down until everything clears up.

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      Al Barr

      At times I shot at 42x and dialed back down when the mirage got to looking like a “mover”

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      I was shooting at 30x which was ok on the first target but should have dialed down later because of mirage making the blue circle and my groups go round and round!

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      Looks like everyone is shooting at least double power than I am I have tried to shoot at the high power and it does not work for me.I have shot at 10 power for a long time on SFP and now shooting 12 power on FFP on steel and paper if I dail it up the cotton pickin target is moving around way to much for me I just can’t hold it like I used to do.Thanks all I may try to power up and try it at the next F-Class and see what happens.

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      Mike Reekie

      I start at 24x and work down, seldom up, as the day and the wind and the mirage increase. There is no way I can see my hits, so it is a bit of a guess as I load the next round. All I can do is aim dead center and fire. Oh, I have tried holding “off” a bit as the wind seems to increase, but my guesses don’t seem to be very good.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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