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      Al Barr

      Mr. Wynne hosted shooters with full blown B R equipment, and the belly shooters with F-open and FT/R equipment.

      There were several aggs in the sub 1/3 MOA range and lots in the 1/2 MOA range. The wind and mirage, while not raging, had plenty of little surprises for us less skilled.

      The main attraction was the “Gunny” pot, put together by some very generous fellows, for the shot closest to X on the fourth target. Roland Smith, Master Gunnery Sgt., USMC Retired, inspired many of us at Reese Bottom with his shooting and sage advice.

      Lot’s of smiles and camaraderie for all involved (except those that shot record shots on the sighter target). Being gentlemen, as well as shooters, those fellows laughed it off and went back to “hammering”.

      Thanks to Mr. Wynne, Britt Jones (rifle builder supreme), and Dan Gunter for a well run match.

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      Mr. Al, it was a great deal of fun. As I have mentioned before, Wynne tried to get me started in this3 years ago. I always had a reason for being too busy. Thank goodness he didn’t give up on me. Ad and I have had the best time this past year shooting and meeting all of the fine people that enjoy this sport and support us at Reese Bottom. Hope you are able to make it back for next months shoot. At least my sighter shots next month will go in the same target as my qualifying rounds….lol. Hope to see you then.

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      I can say I have had so much fun shooting this year at Reese Bottom with all the fine shooters and another big Thank You to MR Wynne for letting us all be a part of Reese Bottom……We have one more match this year it will be the 600 yard F-Class if I can make it I will have made my goal of 100% of all 2014 matches at Reese Bottom I hope to see you all there and lets make this one the most fun……Lets not forget about Britt Jones he has put a lot of time in the F-Class matches and building such fine rifles Thank You Britt Jones you are the man……

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