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      Wynne Echols

      I received a phone call last week from forum member Gardner from up in PA. to let me know that he and a buddy were on a 600+ mile road trip to NC to shoot in a 4 day 50 yard .22 match. He said that the match would be held in a couple of chicken houses and that they paid out lots of cash prizes. Well after several days of not hearing from David, I decided to call and see how things turned out. Seems as though all that went back to PA were a few photo memories which he was willing to share.[click to enlarge] He said that another match will be held soon in Bristol, VA. If anyone has any interest, ask him a question and we will seek an answer. I think that I understood him to say that the ‘bull’ is a dot and the targets were scored by how many .000 the hit was from center. WWE

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      Dave Gardner

      Well I was there with my custom made 22 hart barrel jewel trigger Harrell tuner nightforce 15-55 scope eley ammo seb rest wanting to get some of that prize money. But let me tell you the best in the country was there loaded for bear. They shot way over my head. They do not miss that dot very often if at all. The experience I got there was more then I have time to tell you about. But if you think you can shoot a 22 good just go to one of these matches and let me know how well you did . They are called PSL. Run by Dan killough of Texas a wonderful man and a wonderful match as well. The next one is in Bristol va. I am not sure if I am ready for another last place finish yet. So haven’t decided to go or not have fun shooting all the time

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      Looks like an ideal place to hold a match. Enclosed from the elements and lights on the targets!

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