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      Michael Claunch

      Enjoyed being at Reese Bottom in February. It’s been almost 30 years since I shot in a competitive match. I have a rifle coming and have been pulling together components to set up for the FTR class. I noticed that Nightforce and Sightron scopes seem to be the most popular. Looking at a SIII Sightron but not sure about which power would be appropriate. the 6x32x56 or the 10x50x60. Any pros or cons? About the “new shooter” , when I started shooting for the team back then you were considered “new” until you had been burned at a National level match. You had to have a certain number of “new” shooters for a team to compete at a national level match like the nationals at Camp Perry, Ohio. After that you were considered “old”.

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      Al Barr

      Michael, both scopes that you mention will work. I own both brands, and will say that both will work. I have two of the NF 12-42 BR scopes, and they are my favorites.

      I have learned that that the only way to “buy” points is via practice and experience. If your budget allows you choices; get the best proven equipment that you can. If not, then opt to spend what you have on practice.

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      Wynne Echols

      Michael, welcome to the forum and we all look forward to you shooting with us at Reese Bottom. You need to get after those F Open boys and leave us F-T-R’s alone. lol Sounds to me like you have shot in matches that all of us have only read about. My two cents on the scope question. Sightron has the reputation of being the best scope for the money. I would think a person could buy a Sightron for 1/2 to 2/3 of what a similar Nightforce would cost. Not knocking either scope, just talking money. Before making a final decision, I would suggest that you give some thought to the reticle and clicks per moa. I have grown fond of 8 clicks per moa type scopes but the 4 clicks will definitely work. Good luck with the decision and hope to see you again at Reese Bottom. WWE

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      Michael Claunch

      Thanks fellows, I have not ordered a scope yet. I now have some berger bullets in 175, 185 and 200 now. Would like some guidance on a good reloading book that has data on these bullets and data from a 30 inch barrel in .308. I have bought some Varget powder. My old reloading book is ancient now, no mention of these weight bullets. The popular bullet back then was 168 BTHP and I have plenty of them.
      On the scope, one has 70 min range and the other 50 min available. Any of you 1000 yd shooters, this enough for long range? The rifle coming will have a 20 degree rail to mount the scope for a little advantage.
      AL, you are right about the “practice”. I was fortunate to have a county dirt pit close to the house back then. It was only 200 yards across, but was good for the short range stuff. I spent a lot of evenings dry firing in the standing position “shooting the wall” as I called it, at a dot on the living room wall. Mike

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      Steve Gilley

      Either of the scopes has enough adjustment with a 20 Moa base to get to 1000. I have both scopes and have no complaints with the Sightron 8-32-56.

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      Michael Claunch

      Thanks for the reply. I hope to be there Sat to help out where I can and observe. I would like to ask a few questions about scope reticles, what is being used and why. Rear rest “bags” etc. I finally have almost all the stuff I need for bottleneck brass, until now I had only reloaded straightneck brass. A lot of the techniques you guys have already learned I am way behind on, especially in reloading. One comes to mind is the “bullet jump” to the lands. Where to start? Mike

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