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      Wynne Echols

      I have always wanted to have a true 600 yard benchrest match at Reese Bottom. Official IBS 600 yard targets and have three divisions, factory, modified, and light gun. As all of you know, 600 yards at Reese Bottom has a ‘pit setup’. My thinking is to stage clay birds on the berm in front of the targets and give the shooter a time to shoot at the birds and then have a timed period to zero at your target. The question that I have is are many of you willing to pull targets for a sight in period and do it quickly. My thinking maybe only for a 2 minute sight in period. It would require lowering the target, pasting the hole and putting in a spotter disk, quickly. For those that have shot the mid range match here, this should require much less pulling and spotting.

      Next month is our last scheduled benchrest match and this is just a thought of mine. Without your cooperation and participation it cannot work. Please post your thoughts, yea or ney, because I for sure do not want to negatively affect the good thing that we have going now. Thanks in advance, WWE

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      Barry Holcomb

      We always pulled targets at Memphis and then they purchased ar500 steel plates. They paint them white and spray a small gray dot in the middle and everyone gets 5 minutes of sighters on the first relay and 2 minutes on the second relay. They are placed in front of the target frames on the berm and repainted after every relay. No one has to be in the pits and makes life easier on everyone. Clay birds will bust, spray dirt everywhere and it will be hard to tell exactly where your zero is. Pulling targets is not a lot of work in my opinion, so if steel gongs are not an option I would opt for pulling targets.

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        Wynne Echols

        Barry, it was nice meeting you this past weekend and hope to see you again soon at Reese Bottom. And thanks to for joining in the forums. Everyone, I am going to throw this scenario at you and need your input. We have discussed the plates as a possibility, but we feel like for safety sake they would need to be well in front and below the actual target height(in front of the small berm). At 600 yards the 10 feet of distance difference would cause at least a couple of inches of elevation drop and to go from the plates to the top target would also require a major change in the bench setup. We do think that steel plate could replace clay birds, but our thought is that the benchrest shooters would need to fine tune their zero with a few timed shots on target which would require a pit crew. Thoughts, please. WWE

        Is there any truth to the belief that prone shooters are blue collar and benchrest shooters are white collar?

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      Doug Pugh

      I’m willing to pull targets. I think it would be fun to shoot that type of match and maybe some of the guys that have never been in the pits before could get a feel for how they work before the next f-class match.

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      I shot the 600 benchrest match at Pascagoula only once but they do the pit deal. I think there was a short zero period maybe 2-3 minutes where the target was pulled and bullet hole spotted. When the sight in period ended the target was pulled down and last hole pasted in a VERY short time period and then sent back up for group to be shot. You shoot two groups while at bench before pit duty and then later come back and repeat the procedure for your last two groups. I will call the match director tomorrow and get the details of how they do it and the time limits. I would really like to do this before season ends.

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      We should do this which ever way I will be there and if we need steel to do the sight in period I have 5 steel targets on stands that we could set up.

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