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      Richard Slaton

      Well Mr. Wynne told us at the Feb match he wanted us to post a match report after each match. So to stay out of his dog house which can lead to being feed to the haints of Reece Bottom Here’s mine
      Savage Striker 6 BrX Sightron 8×32 -CCI 450, Varget and 107 SMK
      Upgrades and changed from last match till this match
      Over the winter I upgraded scope went from 6×24 Sightron with Dot reticule to an 8 x32 Sightron with mil Dot (medium crosshair)
      Changes- the bullets loaded for this match were seated .010 longer than I shot last year. WHY call it a wild hair, don’t know till you try it, or whatever I just decided to do it.
      After mounting the scope I did shoot at 200 and 300 recalibrated my turrets and hoped my old scope dope would have me on steel @500
      Goals for the match always #1 have fun be safe. 2nd. fine tune scope dope and see how I like the crosshair. 3rd. Try not to have any group destroying flyers something that I a problem with. 4th .75 avg. MOA for match

      Match day
      After/during shooting 300 yard sighter plates I went up 1 click and right 2 clicks
      After firing 5 shots for score viewing my group it looked low so I came up 1 click
      After firing my next 5 for score these 5 looked more centered on the 10
      After shooting my 500 yard sighters I came down 1 click from my normal 500 setting and right 1 click
      After shooting 1st. 5 for score and viewing I felt like I could see bullet holes low and right
      I decided to make the call up 2 and left 1 and fired my 2nd. 5 for score.

      Scoring time
      My 1st. target at 300 scored 45 and my 2nd. Scored 49 so I was happy with the adjustment I made between targets.
      My 1st. target @ 500 was low and right only scoring 40 so I made a bad call from sighter plate to target #1. Target #2 score was 49 so I made the right call between Target 1 and 2.
      I’m all smiles NO Fliers #1 @300 1.77” /.59 MOA #2 1.46”/ .49 MOA 300 yard Avg. MOA .54
      Target #1 @ 500 2.51” /.50 MOA Target #2 2.77” /.55 MOA 500yrd Avg. .53 MOA
      Match avg. (4 targets) .53 MOA in comparison in 2018 I shot 3 Br matches my avg. MOA for 2018 was 1.03
      Final call I’m happy with scope I’m happy with crosshairs I think I will keep the new seating depth. as always I fun and enjoyed meeting our new shooter hope they come back next month
      This match the stars lined up for me next match is another box of Cracker jacks
      Who’s NEXT with there report

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      Wynne Echols

      Now that is what I’m talking about. You should win some type of writing award to go with your division winning pin. I shot the bullets that I had loaded for the November match that I ended up not participating in. Everything seemed fine with that. I did not handle the rifle well and felt kinda giddy on the trigger. When our group shot the mirage was running fairly well right to left and my first 500 yard target was what I call in a circle which is what I believe mirage does to me. The second target at 500 yards had three in a row and two snake eyes just above the three which I think is either me on the trigger or point of aim. Anyway, enjoyed the morning and any faults are on me. I had not fired a shot since October. Looking forward to the rest of ’19. WWE

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      Michael Claunch

      This was the maiden voyage for my new rifle. I started out at 300 with settings based on trying to find a good load last week. I tried two different loads of Varget powder, 2 different bullets and seating depths out to .40. Started the match with…
      300 yards 43 gr Varget, 200 Berger Hybrid, and seating depth .024 jump
      results. top 300 target score 46 group 2.58
      bottom 300 target score 46 group 1.330*
      * good for best .308 group
      500 yards 43.5 Varget, 200 Berger Hybrid, and seating depth .012 jump

      results top 500 target score 43 group 2.985*
      * good for best .308 group
      bottom 500 target score 45 group 4.338

      finished overall 3rd in .308 class

      Back to the load bench, I think I will try a little more powder and closer seating depths.
      My scores would have been better if I had been centered on the target.
      Got to learn how to judge hits on plates and adjust accordingly.
      When it dries up, I want to try shooting prone.

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