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      This rifle is on my list next in line to be built by Britt Jones.It will be chambered in 300 Win Mag shooting the 220 gr Sierra HPBT Match bullet fps is unknown at this time.I have already gotten my receiver and barrel I will be using a stainless Remington 700 and a Broughton 1 in 10 twist barrel with a APA FB Brake.I will be getting a Accuracy international stock that they use on the MK 13 and the only things that will be correct on this build will be the Stock and the Chamber Dimension to shoot the 220 Sierra Match HPBT.They us a different brand receiver and barrel and it is set up for a suppressor mine will not be using a suppressor but will have a brake instead.This is the perfect rifle for shooting steel tactical style targets and the Silhouette targets like we shoot in Moundville even if you make a bad shot on the Silhouette targets it has the power to still knock them down.

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