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      scott parten

      I’ve have a couple of misfires lately, two out of 30 shots today. One or two testing loads recently. This is the only rifle I’ve ever had this happen. Primer strikes look normal other than it doesn’t go ‘bang’.
      Pulled bullets and both had powder.
      Using BR-4s. Brass has several firings. All are hand primed. Bolt has been bushed.
      Bad primers? Brett mentioned maybe a weak spring?

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      Wynne Echols

      looking for total travel measure the cocking piece from the back before and after firing with a dial indicator

      You need .250″ (+/- .005″) for constant consistent ignition.

      this was copy/paste from another site. assume it to be accurate.

      The firing pin in my Panda bolt has two different holes that are several thousands apart. I took the thing apart some time back and me not paying attention put it back in the wrong hole which lead to a very frustrating day at the range. I have also heard it said that some primers have a harder metal than others. Yours seemed to be hit pretty hard today. Let us know what you find out. WWE

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      Jessie Smith

      Scott when you get some time give me a call at 601-274-0475

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      Scott, I had the same problem at Bar 3 and ended up being a bad firing pin spring. I installed a new firing pin and spring and problem solved.

      At least you know you did put the powder in and after I replaced the firing pin and spring I shot the rounds that did not fire.

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      scott parten

      Thanks to all that responded.
      I have a new firing pin assembly coming as a spare and I’m going to get the tools to change springs.
      Im also going to take another look at how I’m sizing my brass.


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