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      Michael Claunch

      Not that one will be needed till the weather warms up, but I have ordered some “slats” and Velcro to make a mirage shield for my FTR. Have looked at a lot of pictures online.
      Curve UP or DOWN? Some have the curve up and some down, make much difference:

      Length? How far back under the scope is best and how far does it need to extend past the end of the barrel?


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      Wynne Echols

      Michael, I apologize for the lack of response on the forum but for some reason this bunch is very timid to come forth. I read somewhere that curve up lets the gas escape better. Curve down had a tendency to trap gases under the hood so to speak. I start mine just under the front end of the scope and it does not extend past the end of the barrel. I would not think it wise to mess with the muzzle blast but others might disagree. My 2 cents, WWE

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      Don Martin

      Curve up about 1-2 inch’s under scope and not past the end of the barrel. If you extend past the end of the barrel at the very least you will destroy the mirage shield, don’t ask me how I know this. What I’d like to know is which color shield works best. I’ve recently painted mine black, used to be white just haven’t shot the black enough yet.

      Semper Fi

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      Michael Claunch

      Thanks for the information.
      Don’t know why it had not come to me that the blast could cause a problem.

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