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      Michael Claunch

      At 3 MPH, the wind was not a big factor this month. It finally got up to 7-8 by noon. Shoot with your no wind zero and hold over, makes you focus a little better on where the cross hairs are. Over guessed it a few times and 9’s result. All those years of shooting 168’s, I sometimes forget the 200’s buck the wind a lot better.
      Invite your shooting buddies to come, we need to keep this good thing going. Been retired almost 12 years now, wish I had found out about F class and Reese Bottom a lot sooner. I always enjoyed the challenge of shooting and being around good folks. There are not many places you can go and walk away from several thousand dollars of gear and not worry that it will be there when you get back.
      The new “shed” is a great addition to the range, thanks go to Wynne. The E targets performed with only a couple of hiccups this month. Two shots did not register out of all the rounds fired, just bring a couple of extra rounds next time.

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      brett collins

      michael i don’t know about you but on the last relay i had 1.5 MOA dialed in for windage. so I’m guessing that it was maybe a 10 mph breeze.

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