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      Michael Claunch

      Had a great time at Reese Bottom this morning.
      Sorry I had to be the one holding up my relay for 2 extra minutes while I checked my zero at 100 yards. Three shots and I was back in business. I had some trouble Wed at practice and as a result I slid my scope back 3/4 of an inch. I kept reaching for the scope and decided it was time to do something about it. Worked better for me as I had the best 300 yard group in .308 class ( 1.258 inch ).
      I do need to get a better no wind zero. All my groups today were on the right side even the 100-5x at 300 yards looked like you drew a line down the middle of the target and out of all 30 rounds for record not one shot was on the left side of the targets. My fault.

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      Richard Slaton

      My Match report
      What starts good don’t always end the way LOL. I was happy with my hits on the 300 sighter plate using same setting from last month. After firing 5 shots at the top target the hits looked pretty good so I made no changes. Fired a couple at the sighter before the next string just to settle in. Those next 10 for score Also look good though the scope. Happy camper.
      Then the fun starts moving out to 500 sighter 1st. shot MISS
      I had never missed a sighter plate before and did not have a clue where I had hit. Next shot another miss
      Lucky Doug and a couple of other saws I hit high and left I came down two and right 1 next shot was a slightly high HIT ON THE PLATE. Came down one more and was pretty center on the plate. Still a little rattled when we shot the top target I shot my 1st. three then had a senile moment and shot the next two in the bottom target. When I realized what I had done I turned and told Mr. Wynne and that I knew I was done as for as the match but that I was just going to finish ended up just adding the last 2 to the top and 3 more to bottom then called the last five shots off.
      After the targets were pulled my 300 was as good as I though scoring 150/150 and 5 X 5 shot group 2.262 and the 10 shot group was way better At 1.655. What was interesting on the two 500 groups I shot and Mr. Wynne has talked about this. My shots at the plate started high so I ended up coming down 3 clicks the two 5 shot groups on paper were LOW I probably need two of the three click back to center the group. You just never know LOL.
      I was happy with my 300, the 500 was on me.. I still had a great morning shooting with nice group of guys
      And enjoy the cooked bites especially the once that had a Bite

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      Wynne Echols

      My first question to you two above is: do you feel that you were rushed by the clock? Does the first fouler period need to be longer? I am sure open to suggestions and would like to do things in a way that the shooter feels most comfortable. Been a long time since I have had a relevant suggestion. Always looking to improve things. WWE

      ps. Michael do you mind sharing what you mean by a ‘no wind zero’

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      Michael Claunch

      Did I feel rushed? Sometimes, When I shot competitively in the 80’s we shot both rapid fire and slow fire. Rapid fire strings of 10 shots in 60 seconds were started from the standing position and you went down to either a prone or sitting position. Prone rapid at 300 and sitting rapid at 200. You were strapped in tight with a sling so recovering if you had a good natural point of aim was not a problem. Slow fire at 600 yards, 20 rounds in 20 minutes. You did fire at a fast rate if conditions allowed, if the wind varied you had a little time to wait it out. Even though we used the military iron sights to shoot, we had a spotting scope to score and check the mirage with. We also entered each shot in our individual score books between shots. All our targets were pulled in the pits and scored, so you had a little time to score, check mirage and get back in position when the targets came back up. At 30 seconds a shot, there is not a lot of time to reposition after each shot, check mirage, etc. Electronic targets will speed up recovery time.

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      Michael Claunch

      No wind zero.
      when I shot with the rifle teams we always got to the range early AM. The wind was normally nil early and either we practiced offhand (standing) or we did long range shooting. With no wind you would get a better zero in no wind conditions so you could
      get a better idea of how the wind affected your shots as the wind increased as it started coming up. But we shot with the same weapons, same ammo and other than differences of ammo lots and different range effects your zero would hold pretty consistently. For instance, my prone zero might be at zero on the windage drum, my prone rapid fire 1 left of zero and sitting rapid fire l left of zero for my no wind zero.
      With the same rifle, barrel length, usually rate of twist, and ammo the military had developed wind charts we all took to the firing line or memorized. All we had to do was accurately call the wind speed and direction and refer to the chart. If I can remember it, I will bring one of my old scorebooks and charts next time.

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr. Wynne
      Let me 1st. say “I” because of what and how I shoot my time from shot to next shot probably take longer that just about anybody basically from shot to shot I have to re set up find the berm and the “right target” the only time I felt rushed was my very 1st. match at R B mainly because I was inexperienced experimenting with rest both front and back and really never got comfortable. Now each match I fill I’m getting smoother and time is not a big factor.
      Sighter plate time this weekend because I miss the 500 plate twice I shot a total of 10 sighter shots (5 of those correcting that miss)10 total sighters is about 2 or 3 more than normal for a match even with the miss cue I didn’t feel rushed. From what I’ve seen I normally take as few sighter as anyone so I may not be the beat to answer this question
      When I shoot handgun Silhouette we have a 30sec. prep time then 2 mins. to fire 5 shots
      and time is never a problem. I do use a timer because it helps me slow down and pace my self. at the 1/2 MOA shoot in Selma 20 fire 20 shots again I use the timer to help me pace myself. for some reason using a time has never worked out at Reese Bottom

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