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      MR Wynne I have a few people asking about shooting 1000 or 1200 yards I just talk to someone that has never shot with us saying he would like to go past 1000.I was just thinking if you would set up another long range day we might get some more new people down our way and I do not know of any other place we could do this.I know you said we may not shoot that side anymore but just trying to come up with something that other people are asking about please think about and let us know.

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      Most people like to TRY shooting at 1000 yards and beyond but the fact is that very few can. It makes for a long day if several people show up and don’t have the skills or proper equipment to reach these ranges. It’s also hard to get feedback from the targets to know where the shots are going. That being said, shooting at these ranges is fun and challenging!

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      Steve Gilley you are right about people thinking if they can hit a target at 100 they would have no problem at 1000.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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