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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Wanted to pop in and tell everyone I had a great time at this past weekends match. I know my wife enjoyed herself as well on her first trip to Reese Bottom. She walked away with a nice T-shirt and bragging rights for the next month over her poor ole husband! Its not easy for a man to swallow defeat as we are competitive by nature, but I have to say I don’t mind losing to my wife. I’m very proud of the progress she’s made in the past three months. She raised the money to buy her own gun, picked it out on her own, and is now shooting better and better every day. I would say I would hand over the reloading to her but as strange as it may sound to some I enjoy prepping brass and reloading so I think I’ll keep handling that department.

      I continue to be amazed at the level of the competition at Reese Bottom. To see someone shoot a .8″ group at 400 yards off a bipod is insane, then another shoot a 1.9″ group @ 500 yards off a bipod blows my mind. You can see this kind of shooting online with people that are sponsored and shoot for a living but everyone at Reese Bottom shoots for a hobby and fun and has a job to report to 5 days a week that isn’t shooting. That’s what makes it so incredible. Maybe one day me and the big 300 will catch up to yalls level.

      Hope to see all of you guys this weekend at Mr. Surrells tournament. Very excited to see how well people respond to the new targets he is rolling out as it is about to get even more challenging!

      Surrell, any request on snacks? You know the wife likes to make snacks for the shoot.


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      Al Barr

      Ben, from my geezer perspective, I am really pleased to see young shooters at any match. The lady that made those chocolate chip cookies should have gotten first prize!

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      Ben your question is, Surrell, any request on snacks? You know the wife likes to make snacks for the shoot.
      Sara can bring anything she likes I’m sure what ever she brings will get eaten. It’s great to see the ladies at Reese Bottom shooting paper showing up the guys.

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