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      Wynne Echols

      On Saturday June 15, 2019 Reese Bottom will host a 600 yard bench rest match. This will be the first time that we have held a bench rest match and let the new Shotmarker e-targets measure the groups and score the targets. Should be a fun time. Please try to arrive as always by 8 am so that we can get things going by 9 am. We will use the official 600 yard IBS targets. The match will be a four target agg with each shooter going to the bench twice to shoot two targets during each trip. We will have the same three divisions as we have in the past and I will have small prizes for the first three targets. I was just thinking and I need to talk with Adam to see if he can help me determine a Gunny Pot Winner. There will be no targets to take home so I would advise everyone to learn how to log on with their smart phone and be able to take a screen shot. This will be a first and I plan to shoot the 6mm Dasher on a mechanical rest so please bring your patience with you. The entry fee will be $15 or $20 depending on what happens with the Gunny Pot

      Happy to report that there have been further improvements to Reese Bottom. Not going to tell so come see for yourself. Champion Sniper says everyone now needs a flashlight. I will furnish drinks and we will cook up something good for lunch.

      Once again, I am asking you good shooters to register for the match. Need to know caliber and rest type. I will allow a good shooter to shoot two different rifles as long as they are in different divisions. We have not gotten close yet but we can only take 28 guns. I have already heard from the fairy that a good group of rebels are planning to come up from the south so you yanks better get in to defend the north. Please register in the other topic and I mentioned above that I’m claiming the first spot. I plan to post every few days and look forward to seeing many of you on the 15th. WWE

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      Dave Burkart


      The range looks great, please let me know how the new E targets work in the match. You are making great strides with the E targets I hope all goes great.

      Shoot small with Dasher!!


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