If you were building a new rifle what would it be?

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      Well at this time my next rifle will be a US Navy MK 13 and when this one is done I am looking to do a 6MM BR just got to make up my mind on a bench gun or tube gun.I am amazed at how accurate the 6MM BR is from a hundred to a thousand yards and yes it will shoot out to a thousand without a problem I saw this at MR Wynne’s a while back.So now all I have to is wait and hope all works out well over the next year or so and I really like the way the tube gun is set up and may do a switch barrel so that way I would have two guns in one.Ok people lets hear what other people have in mind.

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      Wynne Echols

      Master Sniper, my next build should take place Monday morning, the barrel is in the lathe, and we are morphing the BR into a Dasher. For the last three years, I have been in awe of you shooting all of your larger caliber rifles. I fight a flinch from where a 7mm Mag hit me between the eyes thirty-five years ago, therefore I prefer a smaller caliber with less recoil. You would enjoy a BR if you were to decide to build one, if you could tell if it went-off or not when you pull the trigger. Hey, if you were to build a BR, we could all get by with less ear protection and Brent Keith and Toby Powell would not mind shooting next to you. All of these 6mm are why we have to go to your place to shoot steel. By the way, I plan to shoot my little Thompson .308 this time. I felt guilty taking Ralph’s Custom 6.5 and whipping you fellows last time and oh yea, thanks to, for making Britt have to shoot the broke-leg-chicken. Thanks again for all of your topics, keep ‘um coming. WWE

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