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      Benjamin Mitchell

      Couple weeks ago, as Surrell posted about we attended a 1000 yard F-Class in Laural, MS. Since I purchased my .308 I have been shooting more of a OTM style bullet (similar to a Matchking) and had not tried any VLD style bullets. I went to the local range and tested out some 168 grain VLD bullets and had some very pleasing results at 350 yards. This being said with the match the next day I loaded up 100 of each and took off. The first round I shot I used Berger 185 Juggernaut OTM’s. Being as it was my first 1000 yard match ever I was happy with a first round score of 175/200. After my wife shot her BR and scored 9 points higher than me I figured I had nothing to lose and pulled out the 168’s for rounds 2 and 3. My score jumped 7 points in both rounds. I understand the comparison isn’t the same from a OTM/HPBT to a VLD but the whole heavy vs light argument went out the window for me. My new philosophy is ” if it shoots it shoots”, forget the rule books. Given the 12 twist and the 30″ of length of my barrel I truly believe it launches the 168’s better than the rest so I am sticking with it. Its time for me to pick one bullet and try to master it. Cant wait to get back out and try it again next season. Hate I had to miss the last match of the year with you all but I had to work.

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