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      In the last year my grand baby has been taking up just about all my spare time on the weekends I have not been able to shoot as much as I need to,I try to spend all my time with him he’s my world he comes first.I am thinking in a few years he will start shooting with me when that happens I will be getting the range time I need to become a better paper target shooter……

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, Proud for you man. I agree 100%. Enjoy them while you can because they sure grow up fast. My oldest two love to go to the family dump and shoot cans and stuff. At this age they just enjoy hearing the pop. I have just purchased an Anschutz 22LR and hope to soon introduce them to some table manners. Hope to see you Saturday. WWE

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      Surrell. I’m sure you will enjoy shooting even more when he starts shooting with you. Ad makes it so much better for me. I would rather see him succeed than me and I’m sure you will be the same way. By the way, you already shoot pretty darn good. I haven’t been practicing either, too much work lately. See ya Saturday I hope.

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