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      Wynne Echols

      I received this email earlier today. As mentioned in a earlier topic, Dave is a forum member from New York that shoots at the PA1000yard matches. He obviously keeps getting better and better. Congratulations good shooter. WWE


      I hope you are feeling better and will be able to start shooting soon.

      I attached a target I shot with the Dasher Britt put the new Brux barrel on. It was shooting pretty well jumping Precision Ballistics 105 VLD’s jumped .032 with 33.0 gn of H-4895 running 3,060 fps. I shot this group with PB 105 VLD’s jammed .010 and 32.8 gn of H-4895. I placed second to Matt Kline. He shot a 5.455 to my 6.795 but as you can see 9 shots went into 3.9 with the 9th shot taking it to 6.75. Britt built a hummer

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      Great shooting..Congrats..I believe Britt builds all of his guns like that.

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      Great shooting! Always seems to be that one flyer that ruins your day! Still I will take a 6″ group at 1000 any day.

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      Dave Burkart

      Thank you all for the congrats. Hopefully I will be able to reign in the flyer in the next two matches.


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