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      Michael Claunch

      The wind was as wild as most of us have seen it at Reese Bottom today. I was not the only one to have a 10 or X in the sight period and then see a 6 pop up at nine o’clock and see no visible change in the mirage. Bear in mind we were shooting Bench Rest targets, so that 1 minute of angle movement wound up in the 6 ring. I think dividing and shooting in divisions makes it more competitive. FTR, OPEN and Mechanical divisions work just fine. That was the largest crowd I have ever seen at Reese Bottom, hope we can keep it going. Looking forward to shooting prone next month. Many thanks to Wynne for spotting my phone on the path back to his shop. I was in a hurry going to get gas for the generator and it bounced out of my jacket pocket.

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      I had some gas in the back of my truck that we could have used, When Mr. Wynne said he needed gas I was thinking it was needed for the grill.

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        Wynne Echols

        Next time I will say gasoline. lol. WWE

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