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      Where can someone find a extra long gun case?Needing one for a 31″ barreled rifle looking for a hard case…….

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      I gave up on finding a hard case and went with a Voodoo Tactical drag bag for a 50 cal. They are about $200 and have plenty of storage. I like it better than the hard case which like Wynne said are very heavy.

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      Doug Pugh

      Mr. Wynne you are correct I do have a 32″ barrel on my bipod 6 BR. I did a lot of searching for a case for that gun and I come up empty. The case that I carry it in is not ideal so I have a muzzle cap on the barrel to keep it from rubbing because the rifle is touching at both ends of the case. Surrell I’m not sure if this is a bench gun you are looking for a case for, if so I’m not sure if there is a case made that it will fit in because of a combination of the barrel and stock. My bench gun with a 30″ barrel just does clear in a storm case for a 50″ over all rifle. The stock on my bipod gun is a touch shorter than my bench gun and that gave me a little wiggle room to stuff that long barrel in my case. Mr. Wynne is right about the weight too both of my cases are very heavy and I really don’t care to carry them very far. Good luck with your search for a hard case if that’s the route you decide to go but if I could do it again I would probably go with the case like Steve is talking about.

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      I would not have a problem with over all weight I am just looking to keep from banging up my wood stock……

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      Al Barr

      Pelican, two gun is long enough for my 31″, Eliseo chassis rifle. It comes with good foam liners, wheels, and good handles.

      As Wynne pointed out, it is heavy. It’s also the only case I’d trust versus the luggage apes with the airlines. How important is your cold bore zero in a big tactical match? I’ve flown extensively with rifles and Pelican cases.

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      Ron Lewis

      Surrill. I have some really long cases that I bought from Bill Shehane,
      They are custom built in Maryland.
      You can find him on the web at D&B Supply.
      He’s also a good stocking dealer for Nightforce scopes.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I had a Pelican Case for my 30″ barrel. Best I remember, it was a close fit so I would not buy one before I made sure. My biggest problem with all of that was the overall weight. That thing was a load. I have also seen shooters with a rubber cap on the muzzle to keep it from rubbing on the case. Someone on here should have a solution for you. Doug P. has a rifle with a long barrel, he might could help. When he pulls the trigger on that thing, it vibrates like a power line. WWE

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      I drug my F-Open gun all over Ben Avery Range in Phoenix for a week using one of these. It works OK for transport. It’s the best for dragging one back and forth from the truck to the 800 back to the 900 then back to 1000 and back to the Truck.

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