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      Wynne Echols

      A great time was had by all today at the Reese Bottom 1000 yard fun shoot. Thanks to the new shed and the Shotmarker E-Targets the shooters were able to stay dry and enjoy some great shooting in the rain. Everyone was treated to a fried fish lunch with homemade blackberry cobbler for desert. Spoiled rotten is this bunch. This raps up things for 2019 at Reese Bottom and let’s turn our attention toward the third Saturday in February, 2020. The e-target sensors at 1000 yards are in the corners of a six foot square and all but a couple of the good shooters were within the frame on their first shot. For those that attended you will be glad to know that there were only two bullet holes in the wood frame[one at 6 oclock, one at 4 oclock] and there were a total of six bullet holes in the actual target. For those interested, the ‘virtual X’ on the e-target system is located roughly 3 moa below the actual ‘target X’ or point of aim. A properly doped bullet passes through the sensors and hits nothing until it hits the berm approx. 25 yards behind the target stand. Be sure and see the pictures taken today. There are several of the targets and tablets and I did not notice any vulgarity this month. Thanks to all of you good shooters that so graciously let other shooters and esp. the youth shoot your STUFF. One good shooter was asked not to bring a particular rifle back to Reese Bottom and another let a youth shoot his rifle and the youth hit center X which was much better than the good shooter was able to do. 1000 yards is a long way and let me remind everyone to turn your turrets back to zero. If you do not the next time that you shoot you are going to wonder what is going on. Who will it be? Thanks for all of yall’s support and let’s plan to make 2020 a very good shooting season. I hope that Santa brings many of you good shooters some new stuff and from Suze and myself we wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. WWE

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      Richard Slaton

      Mr Wynne I really don’t think today could have gone any Better! The rain didn’t stop this parade and those that wimped out you miss a fun day. For us that’s new to this 1K stuff or at least me was unsure if they could do this left the range today feeling that yes I can do this mainly because of the help from the good shooter’s at Reese Bottom.
      And I’m hoping the new faces I saw today will become regulars
      Mr Wynne thanks again for letting me live the dream

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      brett collins

      I think it was a huge success Everyone shot well. conditions were about as good as one could ask for and I know that helped. MR. Wynne and others have done a great job and put in a lot of hard work and it shows. REESEBOTTOM is on the map as a great shooting facility. i feel like 2020 is going to be a great year for reesebottom and it’s shooters.
      personally i was just happy that my little 284 that I had only shot out to 100 yards doing load work up was able to hang at 1000.

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      Michael Claunch

      A lot of improvements have been made at Reese Bottom this year. E targets at 600 yards and now 1000 yards, the new Shed, and the rock driveway at the top of the list. Thanks Wynne! Most of you did not know that the target you saw at 1000 was a printed target and weatherproof. One side has the F class 600 target and the backside has the IBR 600 yard target on it. I saw a few new “faces” Saturday and hope they come back.
      I think everyone saw that Wynne was willing to help some get on paper with the LabRadar unit he brought and taking time to let some check their 100 yard zero. With the known velocity at the muzzle, type and weight of bullet and good 100 yard zero these computer programs and apps will get you on paper downrange.
      Looking forward to next year.

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      scott parten

      Big thank you to mr. Wynne for providing a place that makes it easy to do well.

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      Michael Claunch

      Sorry, the targets that are printed are the 1000 yard targets. Still using paper for the 600 yard.

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