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      I am looking for the very best bore cleaner that money can buy……Also what would be the best bore brush to go with the cleaner.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, I have an opinion but would not guarantee it to be the best that money can buy. When I get ready to clean a rifle, I run two patches of Wipe-Out Accelerator through the barrel and let it sit for a while(longer the better) and then when I come back to the rifle, I take Issoso(sp) paste and put it on a 6.5 brass brush(6mm barrel)on the end of a short rod and spin it 12 to 15 times in the neck of the chamber(don’t go to far or the brush will grab)I then patch with Wipe-Out until clean. One thing that I have noticed cleaning barrels, if there is a sign of a carbon ring in the chamber, your barrel can be squeaky clean and everytime the patch passes by the carbon ring it picks up enough color to lead you to believe the barrel is still dirty. That is why I like to deal with the carbon ring first. This process and Varget powder seem to cleanup fairly easily. Hope all of this makes cents!!!WWE

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      Thanks I’ll try it.

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      Mike Reekie

      I use Wipe-Out foaming bore cleaner after each 70 to 100 rounds on my 6 BR. No brushes! Medium tight patches only. I clean until they come out only slightly gray, then soak overnight, plugging both ends of the barrel. Next day, a few passes with a dry patch. That seems to work well for me. With my R5 in 308 I clean after each match with the same routine, but I also fire several rounds between matches using CFE223 powder to help keep the copper from building up in the barrel.

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      Ron Lewis

      Cleaning and cleaners are like recipes in a cookbook. Almost all of them work to some degree of satisfaction. I think that the best cleaner depends a lot on the number of rounds you fire between cleanings and on the condition of the barrel.

      I personally like Butches bore shine myself and also have had good results out of Shooters Choice and Tome Merdiths cleaner.

      For my rifles that I shoot moly coated bullets, I use Kriol and JB’s bore paste.

      After a lot of rounds and some heavy copper fouling, I use Sweets 7.62

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      I have got to get my Brain up dated to all the new and old on everything for bore cleaners…….

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