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      Michael Claunch

      I have been shooting Berger Hybrids 200 grain, not the 200-20X. Just got a new shipment in with the same part number and they are different from the last 500 I used. Using a comparator measuring from base to where the tool contacts close to the ogive there is almost .020 difference. Something else changed too. Using a Hornady tool to check length touching lands with a .170 throat on a .308, I get a difference of almost .010 from last batch. I usually shoot with a little jump, but if I had not taken the time to check, I would have been jamming!
      I realize that Berger has “changed hands”, so it may be time to check out other brands.

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      I shoot the Berger 200-20X in one 308 and in my new 308 with the F-Class chamber I went with the Sierra 200gr product number 2231 it’s like a VLD and it’s a pointed bullet, so far it shoots as well as the Berger and cheaper. I’ll bring some Saturday so you can take a look at them. Sierra says 1 in 9 twist for this bullet but they are doing well in my 1 in 10 Broughton 5C barrel. I buy the Sierra’s from Brownells at $48.99 per hundred which is a little cheaper than the Berger.

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      Wynne Echols

      For me, the lesson to be learned here is the need for the good shooter to take the time to make sure that all parts of the reloading process are consistent. Esp. with mass produced products. One would imagine that these companies have multiple machines that are within a certain tolerance, but not identical. I have noticed in several of the larger matches that many of the higher finishers are shooting custom made bullets but as Surrell mentioned all of that comes at a cost. Approx. two years ago a fellow mentioned a certain bullet that he had had real good success with and I ordered a box of 500. He had suggested that there was no need to even measure them but out of curiosity I got out the calipers and began to measure a few random bullets. What I found out was that the box of 500 had two different sized bullets that were .011 different from base to ojive. They were all one or the other but there were definitely two different sub groups that I think maybe were made on two different machines. Anyways, it never hurts to check for consistency. WWE

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      Michael Claunch

      I have a little experience with machine tools, so picking up a caliper is second nature to me. Every bullet type I try gets measured with the Hornady tool to check the distance to the lands. Not sure if this is different on my rifle, but I have to actually “push” the bullet the last little bit past a point in the throat. If I try to just “touch” it gently, I get false readings. It has been that way since the barrel was new. I do not believe it is carbon buildup since it was that way before I even shot it.
      I believe the next bullet I try will be the Sierra. I like the looks of the rounded point verses the ragged point on the Bergers.

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