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      Does anyone know what the barrel life would be on a 300WM bench gun or would it last longer with some lower end loads?Everyone knows I like power and the largest bullet it will shoot at the faster FPS this to me means dead target paper or steel and I also hunt with my 20lb 300 neck shots only.It is easy to find my deer they always fall it their tracks with a high neck shot which means no tracking and none of the eatable meat is damaged.

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      Tony Graham

      On average you can look for 900-1,200 rounds for accurate magnum barrel life! W/ the RB format I’d say 900 rounds. That ain’t much and for that reason I don’t bring a magnum to a RB match! Steve’s match is a whole different animal. In my opinion, and you can take it for what you paid, RB maximum caliber would be 6.5 mm. Sixes will beat a 6.5, 7 or .30 all day long at 600 yards. When the wind gets up and the range moves past six, K’d bar the door and a .30 will whip them. Been there and done that!

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