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      I did get my new barrel ordered they are saying it will ship on 09-30-2014 it is the same contour that I have in my bench that will serve as my switch barrel platform.Talk to Britt Jones and we are already making plans to do a 6mm BR and I’m thinking that this will be my smart gun all I will have to do is set it up and say shoot all X’s and well you know the rest not likely to happen but it could.

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      Once you shoot the Br you will never get those 308’s out again! That is all I want to shoot anymore. Thinking about a tactical/hunting rifle in that caliber.

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      Wynne Echols

      Surrell, you are about to change your approach to shooting. From a 300 ultra mag to a BR, you will think you are shooting a pellet gun. HA HA, will need to change from fatigues to a collared shirt also. Congrads, WWE

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      I can see this is going to be fun looks like I will be the only one shooting a 6BR dressed for combat……Mr Wynne there is no way I can leave my BDU’s behind who knows I made need it to and from Linden you never know……

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      Surrell, I’m having Britt build me a new rifle. I have been bouncing back and forth between a 6.5×47 or a 6.5 creedmore. I shot Ad’s 6BR for the second time the other day and decided to call Britt and tell him I changed my mind yet again. I am 100% going with a 6BR. That gun is a shooting machine and easy to load for. Everything I read says if you are basically gonna shoot 600 yards and less and even at 1000, a 6BR is hard to beat. I’m a believer and that’s why I going to have one of my own.

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