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      Michael Claunch

      I came close to shooting a 200 this match. A 199 and I know why the 9 happened. I had been having trouble with the mirage and was shooting above the X ring, so I tried to aim at the bottom of the X ring thinking it would center up. Wrong!, shot a little lower than that. Conditions were ideal, as far as the wind goes. What little it changed, it would stay that way for quite a while.
      It was hot, but being in the shade was a plus. Thanks to Mr Allen and his advise my neck tension problem is 95% solved.
      We had a couple of glitches with the gear this time. One tablet a scorer was using kept losing contact, but the shooters tablet and the computer never had a problem. Once a shooter had a round scored as a 0 and no visible hit. Hard to miss a 4×4 target frame, so under Reese Bottom rules he got to refire. I think the next hit was a 10, go figure.
      Looking forward to next month. Congratulations to the guys who did shoot 200’s.

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      Wynne Echols

      Michael, thanks for all of your help. I am sure that you will soon get that ‘clean’. It is obvious that you are a very dedicated shooter who wants to improve. I have a plan for the equipment problems. It really aggravates me to buy things that do not work as expected. Oh well, it happens. We had at least one shot that did not register but those watching said that two side by side shooters shot at the exact same time. As for the shot that scored ‘o’ , looking back, we should have opened the sensor monitor to see if it actually picked up a bullet. I would classify our operation as a ‘work in progress’ still and I am so proud that we have such a co operative bunch of shooters. The fun is in the trying. WWE

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