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      Michael Claunch

      Had a good day at Reese Bottom yesterday. The wind was the equalizer this time. Never saw conditions before at Reese Bottom this unusual. Wind normally has a pattern to it. Not so much yesterday as it could go 180 in a matter of seconds. If you sucked on the shot too long, you chanced getting a surprise when you looked up to see the flag going in the opposite direction from what you saw before settling in behind the scope. With the wind not being full value, the result was usually a 6 inch change for me and a lot of 9’s were scored yesterday. My advise is to put your rifle on zero wind and wait for the worst it gets and fire a shot during the sighter period and trust what you see. Shooting a gas gun with iron sights 30 years ago , I clicked the sights and aimed straight away unless team shooting and the coach would call for a favor left or right if he saw a change that would put you out of the 10 ring. With a scope you can hold over with more confidence.

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      Steve Gilley

      I agree with Michael. There was 2 prevailing wind directions yesterday but it could switch to that 3 position quickly. During sighters hold dead Zero in each of the 2 winds. One was easy because it was straight at you! The other was a strong 2-2:30 position which moved my bullet to middle 9 ring. I tried not to shoot when it switched to the 10:00 direction. Again, when you went from watching flag to the gun you better shoot quick and everybody knows why!! Enjoyed the day. Thanks Wynne for all you do!

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      Out of all the years I’ve been shooting at Reese Bottom Saturdays wind was the worst. By the time you check the flags and got back on your rifle ready to fire the wind had already changed. I would say the last relay was the worst for wind changes. All in all it was still a great day to burn some powder.

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      Well I had a great time at Reese Bottom, wind or no wind, the food was great and most all the shooting buddies were there talking there talk like usual, some were missed, and they know who they were. When I had a doubt about the wind, I shot 9, even two 8, no trust, but when I held it tight and trusted myself, I shot 10.

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      Phillip Boykin

      No doubt those wind conditions were horrible. It was a booth humbling and learning experience though. I really enjoyed it regardless of the wind. Thanks for lunch, Wynn.

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