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      Wynne Echols

      I have uploaded a group of random photos taken on my recent trip to the World Open in Williamsport, PA. Lots of stuff and many of the people that I met there. Check them out on the photos page. The match results are also posted on http://www.pa1000yard.com. Notice in the other post the #1 bullet on the target ‘Day One Light Gun'[low left] If I could have gotten that one bullet inside the group formed by the other nine oh what a wonderful day it would have been. I’m sure many of the other shooters have their stories to tell also. My mama told me many times if Ands, Ifs, and Buts were Candy and Nuts, what a joyful world it would be. The fun is in the trying. WWE

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      Dave Burkart

      Wynne, the photos are great !! Ray Roe put a link from his Facebook page so you should see a number of new people on the site. Glad you and Suze made it back alright.


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      Lots of good photos. Looks like a beautiful range to shoot. Hope I can make it to this event one year!

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