September 2017 Mid Range Prone Results at Reese Bottom

Reese Bottom welcomed twelve brave prone shooters for a fun day of shooting on Saturday September 16, 2017.  The conditions held relatively constant throughout the day and allowed for some very good shooting.  The results below will verify the good shooting.  Not only did we have winners for good shooting, but Backwater Custom Rifles donated three muzzle brakes and three T-shirts that were won by six of the lucky participants.  Papa’s Foods donated a camo cap that was given away.  We welcomed several first time prone shooters and had several spectators.  Please look at the top of the FTR results where both Brad and Surrell shot personal best and Jeremy was over heard bragging about his third target in the Open division.  Both Brad and Brent shot clean targets.  Sam wins the dedication award for suiting up and spending the day in his coat, hat and strap to shoot his service rifle.  Sam worked with young Cade during the match and at the end of the day awarded Cade the pin that he won for his division.  Great bunch of folks that frequent Reese Bottom.


Sept Service Rifle Results


F Open Sept Results


FTR Sept Results

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