July 2017 Bench Rest Results from Reese Bottom

On Saturday July 15, 2017 Reese Bottom hosted sixteen good[very] shooters that shot a total of  twenty different rifles in three different divisions.  To understand the results below:  1 @ 200 yards, 2@ 300 yards, 3 @ 400 yards, and 4 @ 500 yards.  5 shots on each target.  For three months in a row it has rained at Reese Bottom on the Friday night before the match on Saturday.   Although the grounds have been a little sticky, it has provided for some good shooting conditions.  There was stiff competition in all three divisions today as we probably had the most even split of rifles that we have ever had at a single match.  Below are pictures of the division winners as well as the division results.

[the results are shown as a photo so click to enlarge]


July 223 308 Division


July Open Bi-Pod Division


July Mechanical Division

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