How We Got to Where We Are and What Will Be Expected Going Forward

My how the time has passed by so fast for all of us good shooters that frequent the matches held at Reese Bottom.  I have not written a blog post in some time now and last Saturday’s match left me wanting to say a few things.  It was mentioned earlier to watch out in the next few days for Wynne’s Rant.  Over the next few days and after thinking things through a little better, a decision was made to write a blog post and let the post direct interested good shooters to a list of expectations that all visitors to Reese Bottom agree to in advance of their attendance.  Nothing major here, just intend to shift some of the responsibilities from Wynne to the participating shooter.

Four of my grandchildren just left the house after helping me blow out sixty nine candles on a birthday cake.  This is only mentioned to make everyone aware that this old grey head is not as young as he used to be.  On Saturday past, I left the match both mentally and physically exhausted as I am sure many of you did.  Most will agree that it was a long, very hot day but we can all say that “We Did It”.  What?  Shot the first ever match at Reese Bottom out to 1000 yards with the most shooters ever to shoot a match at Reese Bottom

While typing these first two paragraphs, I got to thinking about where all of this started.  I remember being at Poverty Ridge Gun Shop a few days before Christmas several years ago when Britt Jones walked in and we were introduced to each other by Dan Campbell.  I was over there to buy firearms for some of my children’s Christmas.  Dan asked Britt if he still had a target in his truck that he had shot a week or two before at the Brock’s Gap range.  Of course he did and it was a very impressive group shot at 520 yards.  By that time in my life I had quit hunting, which requires shooting, and had quit golfing also and was looking for something to do.  I said to myself, you know, I might like to try this.  Soon I bought a Savage 6mmBR that when we opened the box, I thought that I had bought an 80 cal. weapon.  That thing looked huge lying in that box.  Was heavy also.

A week or two later, I took my “out of the box” rifle and ammo and went to a match put on by Larry Jones and Eddie Hill.  The second trip to Wayne, Al., I think I actually won the match and a few bucks and then it was on to a benefit match for the Thomasville Baseball Team held by Milton Jordan on the banks of Highway 43 in Dixons Mills, Al.  Finished second there to hometown favorite Robert Dixon, but won a nice spotting scope in the process.  The rifle that Robert used to beat up on us with was shortly after that stolen and later found in a creek bed along Highway 10.  Met a lot of good people at these first matches.  I especially remember this guy with a pointed beard and two ears full of rings.  He can occasionally now be seen at Reese Bottom.  The only problem that I had with these first matches was the fact that to shoot the entire match did not require much shooting so I got to thinking that I had the perfect place to build a range and host matches that allowed the good shooters to burn more powder.  So, Reese Bottom.  Much of this story has been mentioned in another blog so please forgive me.

I knew to begin with that I wanted to create a match format that allowed for more shooting.  Never wanted to sanction the matches or form a club.  Simply allow the good shooter to show up and compete as if at a real match.  Through the years we have tried lots of different things.  Many have worked as planned and others not so much.  My main objective at Reese Bottom has always been to host competitive rifle matches and not to be thought of as a Saturday morning at the range or something that a person would show up for if they had nothing else to do.  I never realized that at all times, someone must be in charge.  That has become the part that has begun to wear on the old grey headed fellow.  Not complaining here but have decided to make a list of requirements that all good shooters that attend the matches at Reese Bottom agree to in advance.  Good shooters will know what they are expected to do while shooting a match at Reese Bottom before they sign up.  The staff and management have spent many, many $’s and many, many, many hours working to prepare a place for people to show up and be able to shoot to the best of their abilities.  We take the approach that we have done our part and now we ask all good shooters to accept the responsibility to come prepared to compete within their division and also be willing to police their own actions while shooting the match. If this works as anticipated,  it should free up a little of the mental angst for the person in charge.  By this time in our lives I guess we are what we are going to be.  As for me, I seem to be the type person that wants to see things go as planned and when they do not,  there is not enough patience to avoid a peaceful resolution.  For this I apologize.  Thanks to all that have supported Reese Bottom through the years and let’s make plans now to compete for many more.  Always remember that one of my biggest joys in life is to share the things that I have been blessed with with other people.  Please now go to the ‘Forum Page’ and read and understand the topic, ‘What’s Expected’.  “Spend all of your money on powder and bullets and always set your turrets back to zero”.  WWE


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