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      Wynne Echols

      In this topic, I would like to list a few things that every shooter planning to shoot a match at Reese Bottom agrees to in advance of attending a match. The intent here is to create an environment where every shooter agrees to police or manage themselves and not have to be openly called out in case something out of the ordinary happens. My wish is that everyone gets properly registered, shows up in a timely manner, shoots the match, says thank you and returns safely home without Wynne ever knowing that you were at the match. Sounds pretty easy to me. Let us all agree to put safety ‘FIRST’ at all times. Not only yourself, but also be aware of others at all times. There is a nice way to remind someone that they have maybe been a little careless. So here we go…..

      1.Register for each match. Simple. I will announce each match on or close to the first of each month and give everyone until the Thursday night before the match at 7:00 pm to register their attendance. If you elect to occupy a spot early and back out late, plan for us to soon butt heads.

      2.Arrive for match in a timely manner. Simple. Be at Reese Bottom when expected.

      3.For the match, bring with you a rifle that will shoot without problems, ammo that will shoot without problems, and a scope that has a known zero at a known distance. Once these three pieces are entered in a relay and any one of the three malfunction, the shooter agrees to DQ themselves for that match.[exception, if this happens to be a mechanical problem that can be fixed without delaying the match, the shooter will be given the option to re enter the tail end of the match, but not disrupt the flow of the match][ammo that does not shoot properly, will not shoot properly, pack it up] Remember the ‘3 shot’ rule[if three consecutive shots are not picked up by the target sensors, the rifle is DQed.

      4.No load development during a Reese Bottom match. Please come to compete, not experiment.

      5.No borrowed rifles, at least do not make me aware of it if true. It takes me a week or more to prepare Reese Bottom for you to have a place to come shoot. I expect you to be as well prepared to compete with your stuff.

      6.Each shooter will be held accountable for crossfires and the only award they will receive for the match will be the “DAL” award. Shotmarker has been known to miss a shot. When that happens a re fire will be allowed but when a shooter’s shot shows up on another shooter’s target, sorry, DQed. The shooter will be allowed to continue the match but will not be eligible for any winnings. On this, I think that I have been too good too long and in the process some good shooters have been unfortunately penalized for doing as they have been asked.

      Where in the world did I come up with all this? First hand experiences from Reese Bottom. Why in the world did I come up with all this? Hopefully to help a grey haired old man with little patience day go better. Everyone is invited to come shoot the matches at Reese Bottom. Just know ahead of time what is expected.
      Wynne Echols cell phone number 334-654-2462

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