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      Wynne Echols

      I have dug into the Shotmarker archives and found the stored information and a photo of the third target shot and the Saturday August 17, 2019 Reese Bottom Mid Range Prone Match. I was shooting FTR[.223] with a new 30″ Brux 6.5 twist barrel, fire forming new Lapua brass, Wolf primers, and Sierra 90 grain bullet jumped .010. Earlier in the week I had shot the same loads through a Labradar and the muzzle velocity was 2770 fps + or – a few. Notice the drop of in velocity at the target. The SD of 22 seemed to get me in trouble. The velocity of the two low nines was lower than most. Click the photos to enlarge. Someone please decipher all the info and tell us what it means. Comments are welcomed. WWE

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      scott parten

      Mr. Wynne I also had a high standard deviation on my second target. I’m either at the edge of a good accuracy node or I need to work on my reloading discipline.
      I’m changing scales to eliminate that as an issue, I’ve lost confidence in the one I’ve been using.
      My only other thought is I have a new rifle with just under 150 rounds through it. Maybe it needs a few more to settle in?

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