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      Wynne Echols

      I will try to attach my four targets from the World Open. Hopefully you can see the numbers by the bullet holes. I shot the Panda Dasher in the light gun class and the Farley Dasher in the heavy gun class. Each class went to the line twice for 10 record shots(20 total in each class) The very first record bullet that I shot in PA. was over 6″ away from the other nine and really hurt the results in the light gun class and the two gun agg. Not at all sure what happened but that piece of brass did not make it back to Alabama. I have lots of photos but will be busy the next few days getting ready for the mid range prone match on Saturday. Hope to see many of you good shooters this weekend. WWE

      Thank you Dan Gunter for weedeating the firing line and pits.

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      Very good shooting! Congrats on the relay win in heavy gun. Hard to understand why one round out of ten decides to take a different path but it always seems to happen during a major match!!

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