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      This is a question I have been asked quite a lot. I have pondered this question and have come up with a couple of pretty good reasons. I will post mine below and I would like to hear what the rests of you guys reasons are.

      I shoot for more than just one reason because I almost always have. I was raised in a very small town in East Texas, at that time Right after WWII every body hunted. We did because we wanted to eat. It really was that simple we supplemented our food with wild game and I hunted 2 or 3 times a week after I was 5 years old or so.

      I also spent a long time in the Corps and there buddy you had damn sure better know how to shoot and shoot well. That necessity will make you or break you and it also is one hell of a motivator. I also have almost always competed in the shooting sports when ever I could.

      Today I shoot mainly to test myself and to compete against myself, if I do well at any given shoot that’s fine but I do not measure my success by winning or losing a match. I also shoot for the “Fellowship” and that is probably the best reason ever for anyone to shoot a match. Shooting the “Bottoms” is a really good thing. I have fond memories of every shoot I have attended down there—- every one. I have met folks there that I am glad and proud to call my friend. For an Old Worn Out Marine who gave up making friends after watching way to many die that is really saying something.

      There also can be a problem for a guy like myself who just doesn’t make friends anymore, who just gave up trying all those years ago. That is how in the hell do you be a friend? I guess that rejoicing in there success’s and accomplishments, And not taking offense when it is only perceived and not intended. Man lots of rules to all of this stuff HUH????? And that’s bad when you didn’t get the memo.

      Got a little off track there fellers but I was also trying to send a subtle message. I would like to know why you guys shoot.

      Come on now spit it out.


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      Al Barr

      Gunny, I started shooting in San Augustine County, Texas as a youngster. I was given a Stevens “Favorite” .22LR, single shot rifle by my Grandmother (it was hers as a young woman).

      I was given a single .22 cartridge in the morning and expected to bring back a squirrel or rabbit for the pot; at which time I was given another cartridge.

      I was quite the hunter, until I served my second tour in RVN as a Marine Officer. After that, I had had enough shit, blood and bone on my hands, that I no longer had a taste for hunting; but I still have the love of shooting.

      Of course, like most Marines, I take almost all the fun out of my shooting by setting almost unobtainable standards for myself.

      But, as we said in San Augustine County, I don’t know back from sicem, so I just keep plugging ahead.

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        This is good stuff Roland. I remember hunting with my Grandfather at an early age. He was carrying the gun, a .22 rifle which he had loaded with .22 shorts. As we walked down a road on his land, he spotted a squirrel that I never saw until it fell from the tree. He shot the squirrel in the ear with open sight. This was not a fluke, he was that good. I asked why he shots shorts instead of long rifle. He said that the long rifles made too much noise and would scare the rest of the squirrels. I remember that day, some 35 years ago like it was yesterday. I always wanted to be as good as him, but never really had any instruction. Kinda self taught I guess. Then when my son came along, he really got into hunting and turned out to be what I call an exceptional shooter. Then one day, Wynne was getting ready for a shooting trip he was going on, and had some new cases that he wanted to fire and reload. He knew how much Ad liked to shoot and asked him if he would like to come out and shoot his 6mmbr for him. Of course Ad was super excited to do so. Wynne shot the first few shots and gave Ad some pointers on how to shoot. Ad’s shots were very impressive to me. Ad never really had an interest in team sports but he went on and on about shooting Wynne’s rifle. I knew then what I was going to buy him for Christmas. With me always have a love for guns, I saw this as an opportunity to spend valuable time with my son doing something we both would love.
        The group at Reese Bottom has been very helpful in getting us up and going with this style of shooting. I am like you Roland, I am pretty much competing with myself to improve. Ad, being a kid, just wants to win. I think by the way he is shooting in just 3 competitions, he will be there sooner than I will.
        So, to answer the question of WHY DO WE SHOOT? it’s just for the pure love of it and it is something he and I will hopefully do for many many years to come, even after he is grown.

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      I think that I was born a shooter! My love for firearms goes back as far as I can remember. We would walk the roads picking up refundable deposit coke bottles to return for money to buy bb.s I always loved to shoot at moving targets and that got me in trouble several times! My brother went to hospital one time for throwing up a bottle for me to shoot at and the broken glass came down on his head. I still like shooting thrown objects with a scoped .22 but learned not to use glass! Come down with the accuracy bug when I was about 21 and so far have found no cure. Maybe if I keep shooting long enough I will get over it but then what else would I do? Why do I shoot? It make me happy!!

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      Wynne Echols

      I shoot for the same reasons that I played golf. I try to beat myself. I have no problem with you out shooting me, I just want to make sure that you have to shoot well to come out on top. One of my fondest memories of a recent match was the month that Britt beat my agg by such a small margin that we agreed to go back and re measure. He won anyway, but we are talking only a few 000’s. I never had to hunt out of necessity, but did enjoy hunting. In my teen years and early 20’s we dog hunted with shotguns and what I remember most was the comradery and friendships created before and after each deer drive. Later, when rifle hunting became popular, I enjoyed much success harvesting deer, but climbing a tree by myself eventually turned me off to deer hunting. Fast forward 25 years and one day I was visiting a gunsmith when a fellow walked in with an impressive 500 yard target and I instantly thought, now maybe I could do that. Bought a Savage boxed rifle, soon saw potential in a creek bottom, and less than 4 years later, sitting here telling it all to the world. I shoot for fun!!!

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      Tony Graham

      Like Steve, I think I was born to shoot. One of the photos of my toddler years shows me holding the old chrome plated revolvers. But I don’t think it is the shooting with me. I think it is the tinkering with the cases. I find myself wanting to change case dimensions constantly. It must be the mechanics of the interior ballistics of a center fire that fascinates me so much. What I really enjoy, is taking a parent case and changing it suit me, working up a load and then the fun ends. Then I look for a new project. The actual trigger time is not what drives me. Talking and listening to my fellow shooters, trying to develop something new or one of a kind, is my passion.

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      Doug Pugh

      Mr Wynne, I would have to agree with you I also play golf and I’m not very good at it but I play and shoot for the same reasons. I try to improve every time I go to the range in either discipline. But I also shoot as stress relief from a week or month of work or whatever I have been dealing with at the time. I enjoy the conversation with all the fine people at Reese Bottom and that too gets my mind off of work but I have to say that when I sit down behind my rifle and look at the target through the scope nothing outside of touching off that round and seeing the hole in the paper seems to matter. I just enjoy being around good folks and burning powder with all of the fine people that attend your matches. I guess the simple as answer is I shoot because its FUN!

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