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      Wynne Echols

      Let’s use this topic to sign up for the match to be held on Saturday October 10, 2020 at Steve Gilley’s place. This is the second Saturday in October, not the third. This will be a different type match than the ones held at Reese Bottom so if anyone has questions, please ask them here or call Steve. One thing that I overheard Steve telling someone was that the shooters needed to plan to shoot from a bi pod, not a mechanical rest. The shooter will be moving from station to station with limited time to set up. Steve has other people wanting to participate but is willing to save the Reese Bottom crew a spot so please sign up quickly. Let’s sign up by Saturday October 3, 2020. He is only taking twenty four shooters and that will allow a week to let others in. Please help Steve make this match a huge success. Should be a fun day. WWE

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      Kenneth Thomas

      Count me in 308, what time is a good time to be there?

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      Richard Slaton

      My plan is to be there but can’t fully commit right now

      Richard Slaton
      6 BrX single loader

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      Steve Gilley

      Thanks Wynne. Hopefully this will be a fun and challenging shoot. I’m not charging an entry fee but scores will be kept and some sort of recognition for the winners. The ranges to the various size targets will be:

      Table 1…3 targets at 674 yards and
      2 targets at 918 yards! Two shots will be fired at each target for 10 total from each of 4 shooting stations.

      Table #2…Same format except target ranges!
      3 targets at 535 yards and 2 set
      to 692 yards.

      Table #3…Same format except target ranges!
      3 targets at 381 yards and 2 set
      At 512 yards.

      Prone #4…Same format except target range and shooting prone if physically able. If not will have a bench.

      3 targets at 672 yards an 2 set
      At 969 yards.

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      Steve Gilley

      Would like everyone here by 08:00 for safety briefing and biscuits. Chamber flags required until you sit down to shoot. Clean bathroom inside a house onsite. I should have 4 good spotting scopes coming but anybody can bring theirs if they want. Will have to rotate spotters and score keepers. Scoring will be “Impact” or “Miss”.

      South on 43 to mile marker 48. Will see the range on right (west) side of 43. Will have up a sign at entrance drives.

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      mike boykin

      I will be there with 308.

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      Phillip Boykin

      I’ll be there with my .308

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      Steve Gilley

      Targets are all set and ready. Will be monitoring the storm situation and if it effects us I will let y’all know by Thursday Night. Hopefully it goes another direction and we can enjoy a fun day of shooting steel.

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      Richard Slaton

      Steve I thank I’m rightfully it will be 40 rounds “for score” plus a 100 yard sighter shot
      Looking forward to it should be fun

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      I’m not going to make it, we are planning to start moving this weekend.

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