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      Richard Slaton

      Yet another rainy day rambling
      A few years back I started keeping excel files on all of my shooting. I have basically 2 worksheets one that covers my IHMSA shooting both Rim and Center fire and one that covers F class, Bench rest, MOA, steel shoots.
      The IHMSA work sheet dates back to 2012 because I shoot about 6 or 7 different disciplines in both Rimfire and Centerfire. Most with “open sights” @ 4 different distances for Rimfire and 4 for Centerfire
      This work sheet tracks sight settings for multiple guns, tracks scores also keeps a running count of how many entries for each discipline along with a section for load data, match notes and a few other things.

      The other work sheet as of lately has turned in to the 6BrX Striker spread sheet. So the load data section is very limited it also keeps an round count total on the barrel.

      Reese Bottom
      The Benchrest section list scope dope and any changes made during the match
      Tracks group size, avg. MOA size, and avg. And score for each distance breaking down the score to # of X, 10, 9 etc. it also give me total score the Avg. MOA for the match, group location on the target
      Round count, match notes and a few other items.
      F Class section sight settings and changes, scoring break down by relay, # X, 10, 9 etc.
      Total for each, total score, round count, match notes and a few other items

      Selma MOA shoot
      Sight setting and Changes, score break down #10, 5, 0 for each distance total #10, 5, 0 total score
      Round count, match notes and a few other items

      Moundville steel shoot
      Sight setting and Changes, score break down hit or miss for each distance total score, shoot off score,
      Round count, match notes and a few other items.

      I’m sure there are people that track more data than I do and some that track little or no data
      Do I think doing the math=a win nope but I don’t think it hurts.

      Mr. Wynne jokingly said in an earlier post that I should get a metal for my writing ability
      Well my wife is a retired teacher my Daughter is a teacher with a EDS in counseling
      I call them both grammar cops my writing drives them up a wall. They won’t to proof read everything I write and make all kind of changes I tell them when they get though it no long says what I was trying to say And anybody that know me will not believe I wrote that

      Again I’m mostly posting this to do what Mr. Wynne ask us to do USE THIS FORUM

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      Richard Slaton

      I guess I’m the only one that keeps up with this kinda stuff lol

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      Wynne Echols

      Richard, please keep trying. I have tried to keep up with the round count on both brass and barrels but somewhere along the way I seem to forget to write down the needed information and then the rest is tainted info. I mean well, but !! I also have the ‘Bullet Flight’ app on my phone which keeps up with moa settings at the different distances. WWE

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