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      Larry Linneman

      for me i’m prepping brass giving the rifles the once over and working up loads for our clubs f-un class i’m shooting in next season its a savage model 112 with a early target action in 22-250 not sure if i’m going to swap triggers out yet the factory is a nice crisp 3lb with no creep or swap it out to a rifle basixs sav-2 and set it to about 6oz. like my creedmoor is. so far its liking the berger 55gr varmint heads @ 300 yarsd with most groups shooting 1.25″ for 5 shot groups now the tweeking begins. i’m also getting ready mt wifes 223 for both my clubs and reese bottoms matches next year and still shooting some 600 yard up at talladega cmp range

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      Al Barr


      I’m shelling out money like the government! My wife is buying presents for the family and spoiling the heck out of the grandkids.

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      Larry Linneman

      not sure if i’m lucky or not no grand kids to spoil yet but wife is still spending money.

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      I’m getting my Bench Gun set up so I can break some records at Reese Bottom well it may not break any records but it’s going to look good anyway……

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      Wynne Echols

      Hello fellows, I have hydraulic formed 100 pieces of dasher brass and have actually fired 50 of them. The holidays have thrown a kink in my operation. If I ever get the other 50 fired, I plan to turn and trim all of the brass. I am forming 50 Lapua and 50 Norma so that I can keep the two rifles’ brass separated. Two of my grandsons helped with the shooting. WWE

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      Staying busy but not with my rifles! Went to Michigan for son-in-law’s military promotion. Couldn’t carry my weapon on base but felt safe being escorted and guarded by armed military personnel! We had a -Survival Shooting Training Class- for Troopers, Deputies, and local Police departments which was interesting. Probably 3000 rounds of handgun and Rifle ammo was fired! Started a 4-H shooting team for the county. Had 26 Kids last Sat. for my first practice session. Hope they all stay interested in the sport. Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.

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      Daryl White

      A little deer hunting and training a squirrel dog? Al, this is a photo of my project. He is a 9 month old Black Mouth Cur Rescue.

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      Al Barr

      Daryl, you need to train that squirrel dog not bark on posted property. Train him to point like a bird dog when he sees that posted sign.

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      Al Barr

      Daryl that’s a good looking dog! I see that you got him pointing on that private property already!

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